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Windows 8

Posted: 26th October 2012 by admin in all

The wait is over. Welcome to Windows 8!    

Magic Quotes GPC Off

Posted: 24th October 2012 by admin in all
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Some scripts and engines sometimes requires to turn off a function of Magic Quotes GPC. Like : DLE , OpenCart, new Joomla etc. So here a quick fix to this problem. 1)If PHP on server host work in Apache module, add to .htaccess file string: php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off   2)If PHP on server host work […]

Galaxy’s evolution in two minutes.

Posted: 23rd October 2012 by admin in all
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This post have no connection to IT but it really incredibly insane! Watch this: NASA simulates 13.5 billion years of a galaxy's evolution in two minutes   To simulate 13.5 billion years in the life of a single disk galaxy, NASA needed more than your average desktop PC. The memorable video below is the direct […]

Atooma Is Like An IFTTT For Mobile And It’s Insanely Clever

Posted: 21st October 2012 by admin in all

During our CrunchUp in Rome last week – where which I was blown away by the amount of Italian startups that have emerged from almost nowhere in the last year – I came across an extremely interesting (and I don’t use that phrase lightly) startup which deserves much closer examination. Atooma is an Android app […]

Here I want to work ;-)

Posted: 18th October 2012 by admin in all
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The  Google ,company previously jealously guarded their data centres from  foreign eyes, has published an impressive stock of photos taken in the holy of holies. Moreover, datacenters in Lenore (North Carolina), you can now walk in the Google Street View  or see video tour. Probably the word is superfluous. See for yourself.