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New VPS server

Posted: 25th February 2013 by admin in all
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Hi dudes ,I just chage my hosting. And got fuckin new ,strong and sexy VPS server ^_^ So gratz to me . Chek up new post quite soon    Ahh and give like to hosting provide me my VPS:  

This is a very short tutorial on how to connect to Gmail using Pidgin over port 80.  Some of my beloved readers behind the Great Firewall of China and some on really restrictive networks have requested this. You migth get error in connection ,that mean blocking Gtalk default port :5222 1. Download and install Pidgin […]

Cannot chown target file remote I/O error 121

Posted: 3rd February 2013 by admin in all
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  Some times when you copied thru Shell Link conection on MC poped up an error : cannot chown target file remote i/o error 121. That error tells that MC (or not) cannot change owner \ permissions on remote system.  You can prevent this error if remove [v] from copy dialog in MC in option […]