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Tricky “find”

Posted: 23rd June 2013 by admin in all
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find -type f -mtime -40 -exec ls -l –full-time {} \; | sort -t ' ' -k 6.1,6.10 -k 7.1,7.8 | grep -v '.*\.png$\ | .*\.gif$\ |.*resellerclubmods.*$\ | .*cust1he.*$\ | .*CallBack.*$\ | .*~$' Explanation: 1. find -type f -mtime -40 … Recursively find all files in the current directory and all subdirectories that were modified […]

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New App for Androids phone, no more browser , just launch the app and read latest news Download Now For Free

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jsonwrapper: json_encode for earlier versions of PHP 5.x What is this about? PHP 5.2 adds the json_encode function, which turns almost any PHP data structure into valid JavaScript code. Hashes, arrays, arrays of hashes, whatever. Unfortunately a lot of Linux distributions are still shipping with PHP 5.1.x. jsonwrapper implements the json_encode function if it is […]

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Sometimes, when you have got a large number of tables in your database and while taking the dump of that particular database, you would have encountered this strange error mysqldump: Got error: 1016: Can't open file: '.\database\certain_table.frm' (errno: 24) when using LOCK TABLES There are two solutions to avoid this error 1. Set the following […]

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​ On new versions of Plesk non exist otions for calculating disk space of mail boxes So here nice script that calculate disk space per mailbox: The script: (saved in /usr/local/sbin/hogs and chmod 755 and change <THEDOMAIN.COM> to whatever the domain is you are getting usage for) #!/bin/sh # #lists disk usage by user echo […]