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Here it is for others who wish to increase the upload limit from 2M to whatever you desire: Change the folowing file: /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/php.ini And the following value: “upload_max_filesize” & “post_max_size” From: “2147483647″ To: “100M” (100M or whatever value you wish to set the cap to)   Then you need to run the following commands to […]

Mousing to the “hot corner” in Cinnamon gives an overview of current workspaces, à la expose. Unfortunately a careless click can close one of those workspaces, as I found out last night. Equally, you may feel that the default 2 workspaces is too few and wish to expand upon that. Now, I think the numvber […]

How to: Crack WPA/WPA2 with Reaver

Posted: 8th July 2013 by admin in Hacks
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WPA/WPA2 has become less secure. Within a matter of hours you can retrieve the WiFi password thanks to a useful tool called Reaver. A team named Tactical Network Solutions found a weakness in WPA that allows for an attacker to brute force against the Wifi Protected Setup Pins and recover an access points password within […]

Suspend / Unsuspend domain via command line Plesk

Posted: 8th July 2013 by admin in all
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To suspend or unsuspend a domain on a Plesk server via the command line We use the Plesk command line tools. Most are just one liners 🙂 Suspend a Domain Suspend domain via command line Plesk  /usr/local/psa/bin/domain -u -status disabled Unsuspend a Domain Unsuspend domain via command line Plesk /usr/local/psa/bin/domain -u -status enabled

Хочу поделиться своими наработками по настройке nginx, которые, возможно,помогут кому-то при старте нового проекта или избавят от необходимости копипастить очередной vhost. Я отметил две проблемы подавляющего числа конфигов nginx'а, попадавших мне на глаза: «Всё в одном файле» Дублирование настроек С помощью моего подхода. надеюсь, эти и многие другие проблемы будут устранены. Перед тем как собрать […]