How to remove annoying advertisement on free hosting

Posted: 5th October 2012 by admin in all
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So hi to all. This my first post after long time of websilence ),

My new host company is PowerHost

Very nice company with impressive ,fully unlimited features , nice hardware and fast lines.

But! They little liars =)

No Ads

Our free unlimited hosting is the best in the world because there are no ads. Powrhost’s #1 aim is not to make a ton of money, it’s to provide you with web hosting for free with no ads. We can cover our costs trough donations and funding, so you don’t have to!


Great promises yep!NO ADS!

But on the page footers:


I told you=)They liars ,hhh. Don’t understand me wrong. But if you told something so

please do it. Said no ads , so do not put ads!

OK how to remove this really ‘annoying’ ads =)

Just copy this code find on your *.html pages or if you using WP , Joomla , Drupal etc.. on footer.php


That it ,the ADS is disappearing =)

Yep that it =) No big deal yes?

  1. Willy Bin says:

    Good FAQ,thanx bro!

  2. W.Quest says:

    Where i can insert this code in the opencart?

  3. michael kors uk… How to remove ADS…

  4. Sang says:

    Admin! you are the best !