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How to: Crack WPA/WPA2 with Reaver

Posted: 8th July 2013 by admin in Hacks
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WPA/WPA2 has become less secure. Within a matter of hours you can retrieve the WiFi password thanks to a useful tool called Reaver. A team named Tactical Network Solutions found a weakness in WPA that allows for an attacker to brute force against the Wifi Protected Setup Pins and recover an access points password within […]

Anonymous Desktop OS

Posted: 15th March 2012 by admin in Hacks
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Anonymous-OS Live is an ubuntu-based distribution and created under Ubuntu 11.10 and uses Mate desktop. Created for educational purposes, to checking the security of web pages. Please don’t use any tool to destroy any web page 🙂 If you attack to any web page, might end up in jail because is a crime in most […]