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– "My Google is not looking like Google" For those who come here I'll explain how to fix annoying problem with replacement of genuine google search from the omnibox. If this pic seems similar for you and you doesn't know hot to fix it , let me explain how to deal with it. So,for some […]

This is a very short tutorial on how to connect to Gmail using Pidgin over port 80.  Some of my beloved readers behind the Great Firewall of China and some on really restrictive networks have requested this. You migth get error in connection ,that mean blocking Gtalk default port :5222 1. Download and install Pidgin […]

Here I want to work ;-)

Posted: 18th October 2012 by admin in all
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The  Google ,company previously jealously guarded their data centres from  foreign eyes, has published an impressive stock of photos taken in the holy of holies. Moreover, datacenters in Lenore (North Carolina), you can now walk in the Google Street View  or see video tour. Probably the word is superfluous. See for yourself.