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Nftables quick howto

Posted: 24th October 2013 by admin in all
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Introduction This document is between a dirty howto and a cheat sheet. For a description of architecture and ideas behind Nftables, please read the announce of the first release of nftables. Building nftables Libraries The following libraries are needed  libmnl: git://  libnftables: git:// It is possible that your distribution already include libmnl. But it is easy […]

IpTables string block signatures

Posted: 8th March 2012 by admin in Trick
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Iptables drop connection by requested link. Like Spam \ Thread \Hack Detection : iptables -I INPUT -j DROP -p tcp -s -m string –string “string_from_list” Here is some list of useful block signatures. ************************************** botfile .X11-unix apachectrl2.lock srv2.list qw(:flock number_of_bots “Masalah fork: malformed TROLL task malformed HTTPFLOOD task httpflood from irc attackTroll attackHttpFlood