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Occasionally, there are hotfixes or updates that Microsoft does not provide direct download links for. Instead, end-users who require the hotfix to fix or resolve the problem or issue are asked to contact Microsoft Customer Support Services to obtain the hotfix, where a complete list of Microsoft Customer Support Services telephone numbers and information about […]

Bash script removing malicious .pl && .cgi scripts

Posted: 28th February 2012 by admin in all
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During mass Plesk hack around the world,couple of our servers were hacked(not rooted). There little script for checking malicious perl and cgi scripts in cgi-bin directory #!/bin/bash find /var/www/vhosts/*/cgi-bin/*.cgi >>domlist find /var/www/vhosts/*/cgi-bin/*.pl >>domlist echo “***********************************************************” cat domlist echo TOTAL FILES $(cat domlist|wc -l) echo “***********************************************************” echo “wanna remove? [yes] || [no] || [q]” echo […]