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How does strace work?

Posted: 27th October 2016 by admin in all
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TL;DR =) This blog post explains how strace works, internally. We’ll examine the ptrace system call, which strace relies on, at the API layer and internally to understand how exactly strace can get information about the system calls being made in a running process. ptrace ptrace is a system call which a program can use to: trace system calls read and write memory and […]

Nftables quick howto

Posted: 24th October 2013 by admin in all
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Introduction This document is between a dirty howto and a cheat sheet. For a description of architecture and ideas behind Nftables, please read the announce of the first release of nftables. Building nftables Libraries The following libraries are needed  libmnl: git://  libnftables: git:// It is possible that your distribution already include libmnl. But it is easy […]

Linux interview questions

Posted: 21st October 2013 by admin in all
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From time to time you might need to interview somebody for a Linux role. It's hard to think of good questions; you don't want to scare somebody with your questions, but you do want to know if the person is knowledgable. **** Questions for a junior. "People that use your Linux server complain it's slow. […]

How to install IPtraf

Posted: 8th April 2012 by admin in all
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1. Download the package and untar it as root.(To check version: [root@server~]#wget [root@server~]#tar zxvf iptraf-3.0.0.bin.i386.tar.gz 2. Go to the untared directory and run setup. [root@server~]#cd iptraf-3.0.0.bin.i386 [root@server~]#./Setup (You will may ask for read the Release Notes, say N) 3. Open IPTRAF window by run the command ‘iptraf’ as root. [root@server~]#iptraf 4. Press any […]

Today we will learn how to recalculate Plesk AW-stats. First case is on Windows systems: Open cmd type cd %plesk_bin% type statistics.exe –all –process-domains=<> This simple operation will recalculate all stats info like http ftp access stats. All possible operations for statistics.exe:  [–help]   [–disk-usage]   [–http-traffic]   [–ftp-traffic]   [–mail-traffic]   [–notify]   [–update-actions] […]