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  Most of the Computers/Laptops given by corporates to their employees have restricted adminstrative privilages. However, the users need to accomplish some rotine tasts and may need software other than the ones provided by corporates. The simple example is use of Chrome browser instead of Internet explorer. But, employee is not allowed to install Chrome! […]

IpTables string block signatures

Posted: 8th March 2012 by admin in Trick
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Iptables drop connection by requested link. Like Spam \ Thread \Hack Detection : iptables -I INPUT -j DROP -p tcp -s -m string –string “string_from_list” Here is some list of useful block signatures. ************************************** botfile .X11-unix apachectrl2.lock srv2.list qw(:flock number_of_bots “Masalah fork: malformed TROLL task malformed HTTPFLOOD task httpflood from irc attackTroll attackHttpFlood