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How To Install MyTOP – a top clone for MySQL

Posted: 17th October 2012 by admin in all
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In this HOWTO i will describe how to install mytop package on CentOS 5.3 \6+. MyTOP is top command clone to monitor mysql performance including queries, threads etc. You can get source of it from here to build or you can use rpmforge repositories for pre-build rpms. The machine i used to demonstrate is in […]

Today we will learn how to recalculate Plesk AW-stats. First case is on Windows systems: Open cmd type cd %plesk_bin% type statistics.exe –all –process-domains=<> This simple operation will recalculate all stats info like http ftp access stats. All possible operations for statistics.exe:  [–help]   [–disk-usage]   [–http-traffic]   [–ftp-traffic]   [–mail-traffic]   [–notify]   [–update-actions] […]