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Windows 8, yes, the official version that will be launching this October 26th, is now available for download if you are a TechNet or MSDN subscriber. Even if you are not,  you can still go ahead and download the official 90-day trial version of Windows 8. That’s long enough to cover until the official Windows […]

Today we will learn how to recalculate Plesk AW-stats. First case is on Windows systems: Open cmd type cd %plesk_bin% type statistics.exe –all –process-domains=<> This simple operation will recalculate all stats info like http ftp access stats. All possible operations for statistics.exe:  [–help]   [–disk-usage]   [–http-traffic]   [–ftp-traffic]   [–mail-traffic]   [–notify]   [–update-actions] […]